The integrity of your hair.

When you think about it, a persons hair or lack of it is one of the most defining features of the human being. This is a rare form of decoration from prehistoric times and we each chose to wear our hair in a unique way for a purpose of pleasure enjoyment for ourselves and for others. A good hair cut can get you that job or career that you desire or the date you have been trying to get. It’s natural to quickly judge others based on the length of a persons hair or the color and so on. But we can all agree that when someones hair looks good, it is as those that person is glowing.

Consider a guy with a fresh hair cut, all lined up and well groomed. Or a gal with new color and maybe a new style as well. Now she moves like she is on cloud 9. This can make or break a great sales day or a wedding or a speech or homecoming or that date you finally got with that cutie.

Which is why we take the time to educate our clients. Sometimes the desired hair color or cut may take several visits/appointments. It all depends on the hair. If it is virgin hair (no color on it) or if it is healthy or if it is damaged and how damaged it is. All these factors require knowledge and patience and love for others and love for the hair. The integrity of your hair is our focus. We focus on the long term care of your hair not just making a sale. Those who take at seat in our bright green chairs have a safe haven for their hair. We will always be there for you and for your hair care needs and desires.

Join us as we change lives, one hair or nail service at a time.