From his home in South Georgia, AJ Buehre’s passion for art came at a young age. As a teen he learned how to weld and this is where he believes “things really took off.” He began working on large Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), and would create large metal sculptures after work. He began his college education at 18 only to be drafted into the Army. 8 years were spent in the Army’s Special Forces with several tours in Vietnam.

Upon his return he opened his own gallery which was very fulfilling for him, “I learned about commerce, selling, inventory, budgeting and what it means to be a small business owner.” At this same time a friend asked for his help with his photography studio and so AJ became his partner and an all around photographer.

“With no formal training in photography, sales, art, or engineering I set my goals high and started to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.” This goal–which was achieved–led AJ to working in several large engineering houses, and eventually, when he was living in Wisconsin, an international job based in Germany gave him the opportunity to travel. “I was always being influenced by my travels and experiences. Those experiences are also the bases of my unquenchable desire to create art.”

So AJ’s journey continued, he moved to Denver, and then decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A stop for gas in Pueblo was more than anticipated, “[I] felt lead to knock on doors trying to procure a loft… or just a studio here.” And he did. He shook hands with the owner of a space on Santa Fe Drive, and began Steel City Iron & Images LLC which will soon be located at 303 Tower Place.

Check him out on Instagram @ajbuehre